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Strategic Initiatives


Tenant Improvement (aka workplace refit) redefined. We are disrupting the traditional construction process. We work directly with corporations to ensure technology standards are completely updated and delivered in full compliance. 

This optimized approach includes comprehensive technology systems commissioning. Our unique approach is closely aligned with Workplace CenterPoint SaaS. 

Workplace Experience redefined. We are combining places and teams into meaningful metrics that ensure improved employee well-being and sustainable productivity. 

Our Cognitive Workplace Impact Report will become the standard for measuring workplace impact on teams. 

We are working with leading workplace technology manufacturers to develop new services for the development and delivery of workplace technology. In particular, ensuring equity between disparate workplace locations and impacts on team performance. 


Provide near real-time metrics on global property portfolio initiatives to ensure NetZero and ESG goals are improving over time.

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AI and ML become mainstream for “Cognitive Buildings”. Cognitive Building's monetize building data ensuring systems are optimized with humancentric automation. The focus for 2023 will ensure NetZero metrics visibility over time while ensuring optimization for fluctuating occupancy.

We will continue our journey of developing closely aligned and integrated ecosystem of solutions that meet our optimization mission.

We are working with like-minded disruptors such as Collaborative Work Environment, Scribcor Global Lease Administration, Verum Consulting, LLC, Oxygen Plus, and GridMatrix.

Working Together
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