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Cognitive Corp, is the vanguard of AI in the Built Environment


ESG/NetZero - Real Estate drives approximately 40% of global emissions, and occupiers, investors, and the public are demanding action from owners of real estate. Failure to optimize is not an option.


The construction process is expensive, time consuming, and filled with hurdles and inefficiencies.  A small percentage of improvement on construction costs can save billions of dollars annually. 

Optimized construction 

Facility Management

AI offers transformative solutions for facility management. Predictive maintenance uses sensor data to preempt equipment failure, enabling proactive care. Machine learning optimizes energy use to cut costs and waste. Automated systems adjust temperature and lighting, while AI tools monitor risks and prevent accidents. Intelligent algorithms prioritize work orders and manage inventory. Chatbots handle routine queries, and an analytics dashboard provides key performance insights. AI-powered search quickly retrieves essential documents.


AI is reshaping real estate management by optimizing portfolios through analysis of lease costs, location, and space use. It forecasts future space needs based on projected headcount and business expansion, aiding proactive planning. AI monitors market conditions and extracts key terms from lease documents. It also informs long-term strategy by providing space usage insights. Chatbots improve tenant experience, while algorithms support sustainability and workplace design. Risk modeling tools project potential outcomes, making decision-making more informed.

Corporate Real Estate 


Workplace is the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology utilized to enhance and optimize the way employees perform tasks, make decisions, and interact with each other.


AI/ML is used to improve workplace by optimizing processes, enhancing productivity and efficiency, and promoting diversity and inclusion. AI/ML algorithms can be used to analyze data on employee performance, engagement, and well-being, providing valuable insights into areas for improvement and helping to create a more positive work environment.


Additionally, AI/ML assists in automating tasks and reducing manual labor, freeing up employees' time for higher-level tasks and reducing burnout.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning 


We are venturing out to connect  slow changing corporate enterprise with the democratized and decentralized benefits of Web 3.0.

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