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Speaking Engagements on AI
FM, CRE, and Workplace Optimization

Expertise: With an extensive background in AI/ML, James delivers actionable insights on leveraging AI for Facility Management (FM), Corporate Real Estate (CRE), and workplace optimization.

Innovation: Discover how AI disrupts traditional FM and CRE models, enhancing operational efficiency, space utilization, and employee well-being.

Vision: Explore futuristic strategies for integrating AI in the workplace, fostering a collaborative, data-driven, and sustainable environment.


About Your Speaker 

"When James Waddell hits the stage, it's as if Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and a stand-up comedian had a brainchild—then sent it to finishing school. Think of him as the "Robin Williams of AI"—educational yet entertaining, insightful yet irreverent. He doesn't just stand there reciting facts; oh no, he makes AI and blockchain sound like the plot twists of a blockbuster movie. Get ready for engaging stories, spontaneous jokes, and maybe even a Monty Python reference or two. His talks are the tech-world equivalent of a rock concert, minus the crowd-surfing (although he's open to it). By the end of his session, you'll not only be smarter but also thoroughly entertained."

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