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Cognitive is proud to participate in the CoreNet Global Hackathon providing a compelling opportunity to ideate with peers across the globe to develop collective solutions that go beyond the immediate crisis response – and help ensure the long-term health and well-being of citizens, companies, and communities.

Challenge: Develop forecasts and key recommendations for corporate real estate professionals that address these challenges and the role of technology going forward.


IT, AV and IoT systems drive insights into workplace analytics. In turn these analytics inform workplace strategy, and to a degree the autonomous workplace, while M2M (machine learning) is driving the optimization of the intelligent workplace.


Cognitive Corp. is a workplace optimization consultancy designed for the IoT Age. Drawing on experience with a wide array of technologies across a vast span of disciplines, we understand what’s important to an organization and how companies can use data driven insights to achieve real results.


We would very much like to hear from  you, to discuss your thoughts and insights. Please use the registration application below to schedule time with us:

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