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Cognitive is participating in the history making Reimagining Real Estate Hackathon presented by CREtech. A first-of-its-kind global event to facilitate tech innovation, creativity, and collaboration in solving the most pressing challenges facing the global real estate industry.

Significant opportunity exist to better optimize occupant experience in today's commercial office spaces particularly in relation to informing a more humancentric workplace. Commercial building owners and occupiers will need data analytics and meaningful insights to review their ongoing property requirements and drive down property related expenditure. 


With office purpose and function in flux across the world, combined with evidence of poor space utilization and the expectations of occupants for more human and productive environments, the need for advanced platforms within the current workplaces has never been so urgent.


How might we combine the prevalent trends of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, Intelligent Building, Digital Workplace, Robotic Process Automation, and related building and workplace technologies to optimize the occupant experience for ease of use, health, safety well being and productivity?

Cognitive is sponsoring and supporting multiple teams to innovate enterprise technology, building management systems, enterprise technology platforms, robotic cleaning,  and CRE risk mitigation, including:

  1. “Biodigitry” – the utilization of technology systems to support biophilic design. Biophilic design has been proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and aide an overall sense of safety and nurturing for the occupants.

  2. “Risk Reduction – auditing” the ability to ensure an audit trail of facility process activity such as cleaning and sanitization of areas supported by the Autonomous Workplace.

  3. “Risk Reduction – optimization” the ability to inform tactical projects for workplace iterations. Organizations will remain focused on a people-first approach. The safety and wellbeing of the employees won’t only be prioritized as people return to the office after pandemic restrictions ease, but a focus on designing for wellness — alongside relevant certification/audits — will now become basic requirements. 

  4. “Trends Accelerator” – developing a framework to assist CRE with key industry trends, such as contact tracing, robotics, AR/VR, and autonomous workplace. 

Your response will provide valuable insights that will inform industry ability to meet the challenges post-covid.


Industry Survey 

Web Meeting Interview

We truly appreciate your investment of time to answer our survey. Might we also discuss this project during a 30 minute web meeting with you?

Please select a date/time that is best for you; we will send the invite.  

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