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Unlock the full potential of your CRE portfolio 


Cognitive Independent Data Layer  (IDL) breaks down data silos, seamless data integration empowering users with operational visibility and predictive analytics

Cognitive Intelligent Data Platform
Managed Independent Data Layer for Built Environment

Cognitive offers a data management service for your built environment. We take care of curating and protecting your data. We grant access to select partners to promote collaboration and innovation. Our service is easy to use and ensures your data remains secure.

Data for

the real world

 AI-powered independent data layer for commercial and industrial spaces that helps property owners, facility operators, and solution providers to rapidly access real-time data from building systems, sensors, devices, and vendor APIs by automating the data discovery, extraction, and normalization process.​ Uses machine learning to abstract the complexities of data integration to create an independent data layer.

Connect the people, places, and things data in and around any building. We manage access to this data so you can focus on delivering impact rather than tedious data integration issues.  

Cognitive DaaS takes care of your facility data for you. We act as the gateway to your data, making sure approved partners and third parties can access only data they need to complete their services. This way, we keep your data safe and only share it with people who need it,  helping you get better insights much faster.





Built Environment Data

Single Data Source 

Service Provider 1

Cognitive Intelligent Data Layer 


Assessible to all your providers via managerd access

Service Provider N

ROM Pricing

$1,300 per month per building for small portfolios

 $650 per month per building for large portfolios

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Join forces with Cognitive Corp, where our expertise in AI integration reshapes how you manage your built environments. We work with you to understand your specific needs and aspirations, developing bespoke AI strategies that align with your organizational goals.

Our comprehensive training empowers your team, enhancing technical capabilities and ethical awareness in AI. We're committed to continuously supporting your business adaptation, ensuring you stay at the forefront of AI-driven advancements.

Start your journey toward a smarter, agile future. Contact us for a detailed discussion on elevating your projects with AI.

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