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In the face of rapid change, explore with us the uses of technology to help manage the workplace.


The role of CREMs is going through a big change, leading towards a more human-centered profession than ever before. 



What does the changing state of business mean for CREMs?

What emerging trends will drive CRE success beyond COVID?

What can help you make better leasing & strategy decisions?  


Take a sneak peek into the future of corporate real estate managers in this exclusive handbook.

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Technology plays an ever increasingly important role in your workplace success. Let's optimize your new space together...

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Cognitive will work with your teams to develop a data driven understanding of workplace technology needs.  We will inform workplace optimization. Our services guide best practice - invest/redeploy technology to the right spaces to match usage and needs. 

Cognitive pilots will provide detailed monthly consultative sessions to assist your organization in developing policy and procedures, data acquisition standards, IoT sensor guidance, and technology program planning development. 

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