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How smart is your ongoing building performance

Outcomes Based Workplace, Humancentric IoT technology and agile work trends are transforming today’s built environments. New ways of working are increasing demand for innovative and flexible office buildings. To address the challenges of today’s dynamic and competitive commercial office landscapes, it’s essential to innovate.


Our assessment service provides insights towards quick, objective decision-making that drives efficiency, reduces facility operating expenses, and increases occupant satisfaction and tenant retention. We provide strategic insights into just how smart your building portfolio is and provide real world guidance on action planning to progress your portfolio's evolution.

Majority of "smart buildings" today fall into the entry level classification for Cognitive Smart Buildings, we use a three tier rating system.

smart buildign stages.png

The most cost effective and efficient means of smart solutions delivery for developers working on improving building performance will involve embedding the technology delivery plan into the building design at an earlier stage than has been the norm in the past.

The Cognitive Approach to Smart Buildings

Our goal during the assessment is to provide you and the extended team with key metrics as compared to industry averages.  We will provide these insights within the following dimensions:

Current State Comparison 

  • Technology Trends & Their Impacts

  • Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

  • Operational Flexibility & Adaptability

  • Space Management & Optimization

  • Changing Workplace Dynamics

  • Wellbeing & Productivity

  • Policy & Regulatory Drivers

  • Construction Output Guidance

Operational Efficiencies

  • Budgets, Costs & ROI

  • Stakeholder Engagement & Procurement

  • Supply Chain Fragmentation

  • Cybersecurity

  • Privacy

  • Data Related Challenges

  • Skills & Talent

The Cognitive assessment provides detailed guidance to assist your organization in developing policy and procedures, data acquisition standards, IoT sensor guidance, and tactical plan development. You will be presented with an in-depth situation report with actionable recommendations that will inform your project portfolio. 

Assessment Report for up-t0 200,000sqft of CRE portfolio:


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