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Shed some light on where your teams do their best work. 


Support the optimization of a distributed workforce of both in-office and remote workers.


Your employees are focused on delivering projects. Delivery of these projects requires recurring meetings. That's where our solution lives. At the beginning of the recurring meeting, we send a pulse survey to all participants.


This survey takes less than 45 seconds to complete. Easy yet powerful questions answered over the life of the project give you an incredible amount of insights.  

Insights that address your most pressing questions:

  • Where do we place our teams to do their best work?

  • How are Digital Transformation initiatives impacting culture and productivity?

  • Where is the risk of employee disconnect, burnout or attrition?

  • Is our culture supporting innovation and efficient collaboration?

  • Which is the best office location and layout for team success?

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Surface which locations best support teams with reduced project risk, and increased team cohesion while quantifying employee engagement, sustainable productivity, and DEI initiatives.

Optimize Hybrid Workplace Strategy


Strategic Occupancy

Develop remote, hybrid, or in-office plans based on who benefits from working in-person vs. virtually


Tools and Tech

Surface space plan insights and pilot A|B comparisons. Identify which specific groups  do their best in what environment


Capacity Planning

Optimize collaboration based on  which teams benefit from being in the office together

Cognitive is one of the only solutions I've seen that's capable of quantifying how effective a hybrid work environment is across locations, teams, projects, and individuals. With real-time feedback, organizations get detailed insights into employee well-being, productivity, and sustainability, thus driving talent retention, acquisition, and profitability long-term.
Reid Hiatt - Co-Founder & CEO


Fast to deploy and easier to use. 


Simply add 
as an attendee to your recurring team meeting


Rating material is sent to attendees emails just as the meeting starts 

Each attendee then replies to the email with their assessment



24 hours after the meeting each attendee receives a rating of their contribution, specific meeting type metrics, and benchmarking


Monthly the organization receives aggregated responses with benchmarking

MeetingQuality by Cognitive Corp will answer your most important hybrid workplace optimization questions as trends over time:


MeetingQuality Score (MQS)

Quantify quality of the meetings by location

Project Success Probability (PSP)

Team assessment of probability project will deliver


Meeting Promoter Score (MPS)

Identify which groups rely on each other most and team members individual meeting contributions

Deliver Real-time Feedback to Participants

Show how attendees rate each participant’s contribution for each meeting and all previous meetings.

Provides real-time participation metrics for recurring meetings

Protects participant anonymity.


AI and ML Insights

Emotion/Sentiment analyzes anonymous action items captured in project meetings over time

Artificial Intelligence (IBM Watson) categorizes the types and levels of language tones for each meeting

MeetingQuality Explained

MeetingQuality Explained

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