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Revolutionize everything by automating anything


Cognitive Intelligent Process Automation seamlessly merges AI Agents, rules engines, and workflow management to automate and accelerate any business process. 

Cognitive Intelligent Process Automation Platform (CIPAP)

Transform your built environment one process at a time

Leverage our Cognitive Intelligent Process Automation platform to revolutionize efficiency and innovation in your projects. Experience unparalleled advancements in productivity and decision-making, driving success in every aspect of your operations.

Process Automations
a few examples

we are dedicated to creating optimized spaces where people can achieve their best, building a better tomorrow for communities and individuals. Through our Cognitive Automation Engine, we are not just innovating; we are leading a revolution in how buildings and workspaces are managed and experienced.

AI-Driven Building Lifecycle Management

Streamlining operational processes from design to demolition (or repurpose), reducing inefficiencies and escalating costs.

Stakeholder Synergy Optimization

Facilitating effective communication and teamwork among architects, engineers, contractors, and facility operations ensuring a cohesive and unified approach to building management.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Utilizing AI analytics for real-time data assessment, leading to the identification and implementation of energy optimization measures, aligning buildings with sustainability goals.

Predictive Maintenance

Employing AI-based analytics to preemptively identify maintenance needs, avoiding operational downtime and unnecessary expenses.

Enhanced Occupant Experience

Analyzing occupant behavior and preferences to automate environmental adjustments, ensuring comfort and efficient space utilization.

Attended Automation

Enhancing customer service through real-time guided support for customer service agents.

Design Collaboration and Management

Design firms can streamline communication and collaboration. The engine's AI capabilities can help in organizing project data, tracking changes, and facilitating real-time updates

Resource and Space Utilization

Analyze workspace utilization patterns and resource allocation efficiency. By doing so, it helps in making data-driven decisions to optimize space and resource use.

Client Feedback Integration into Design Processes

engine can be used to automate the process of collecting, categorizing, and integrating client feedback into design projects. 

Integrates with common AECO business systems



Rules Engine

Harness the power of our Rules Engine to transform your AECO projects. This advanced tool automates critical decision-making by applying tailored rules to your project data, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and consistently high-quality outcome in every aspect of your operations. Let our technology drive your success.


Workflow Manager


Empower your AECO portfolio with our Workflow Manager, a dynamic solution designed to streamline your operations. This tool efficiently orchestrates project workflows, ensuring optimal resource utilization and timely completion. It's an essential component for maintaining project momentum and achieving operational excellence in the fast-paced AECO environment. Let our Workflow Manager be the cornerstone of your project's success.

Mining Agent

Elevate the efficiency of your AECO projects with our Mining Agent tool. This innovative technology meticulously analyzes and extracts crucial data from extensive project information, ensuring that you have all the essential insights at your fingertips. It's designed to optimize decision-making and strategy development, making it a vital asset for navigating the complex and data-rich environment of the AECO industry. Let our Mining Agent unlock the full potential of your data for unparalleled project success.



Maximize the synergy in your AECO portfolio with our Integrations platform. This tool expertly connects and harmonizes various software systems, streamlining data flow and communication across your project's ecosystem. It's designed to enhance collaboration, efficiency, and data accuracy, crucial for the multifaceted nature of AECO operations. Embrace our Integrations for a more connected and efficient project management experience.



Elevate your AECO portfolio operations with our Interactive Insights tool. This platform brings your data to life, offering intuitive, real-time analytics that transform raw data into actionable intelligence. Designed for the complexities of AECO projects, it empowers you with the clarity and foresight needed to make informed decisions, ensuring your project's success with data-driven precision and strategy.


Cognitive Intelligent Process Automation Platform (CIPAP)

The platform can be hosted in cloud or on-premise.  The platform consists of  two pivotal components: the Application Server and the Database Source.

Application Server

Serving as the operational heart of the platform, the Application Server is responsible for managing and executing business processes, workflow automation, and reasoning logic. Its installation is accompanied by specific prerequisites tailored to ensure optimal performance. The platform may be installed on any Windows Server or VM that meets minimum hardware specifications.

Database Source

The Database Source is vital for data-driven processes, with tailored installation for efficient storage and retrieval. The platform supports PostgreSQL and MS SQL. Basic setups involve an Application Server with a single Database. 


CIPAP come with a long list of pre-built integrations to common applications like Cognitive Independent Data Layer (IDL), Salesforce, DocuSign, Azure AI, OpenAI, OAuth and many more. The platform supports SAML-compliant identity management like Active Directory and Okta. It also connects to all the major database vendors, such as Oracle and Postgres, and open sources databases like MySQL and even NO-SQL DBS.

Every rule, every flow, and every report may be called externally by your existing proptech platforms through REST and SOAP services; CIPAP is equally adept at making these calls to these external proptech services.

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Ready to revolutionize your AECO portfolio?

Join forces with Cognitive Corp, where our expertise in AI integration reshapes how you manage your built environments. We work with you to understand your specific needs and aspirations, developing bespoke AI strategies that align with your organizational goals.

Our comprehensive training empowers your team, enhancing technical capabilities and ethical awareness in AI. We're committed to continuously supporting your business adaptation, ensuring you stay at the forefront of AI-driven advancements.

Start your journey toward a smarter, agile future in AECO. Contact us for a detailed discussion on elevating your projects with AI.

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