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Baselining & Tracking Cost Reduction Programs for Technical Operations

The Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) utilizes its OneView platform to assist cost-reduction efforts by being the business intelligence tool to baseline service line expenses and vendors, prioritize process improvement, measure project activity, and validate the effectiveness of each discreet project within a program. Because cost-reduction programs typically consist of many projects across multiple service lines & budgets, it is important to create an environment that ties together legacy systems that manage the service line data, so change can be measured and managed. The OneView platform through its integration suite can receive data from legacy systems to begin the cleansing and mapping process. Once data sources have been correlated a series of configurable executive dashboards and reports provide the field personnel and C-Suite the data needed to make key business decisions.

OneView supports Program Management by becoming the central repository of data. From the financial analysis of general ledger and accounts payable data, to the crosswalk of vendor, facility, and departmental spend, the platform provides a clear and clean cut view of the data that is easy to visualize. OneView evolves from a static baselining reporting tool into a fully-integrated Performance Management Center that is ready to lead the program team through implementation.

By tying together business support IT applications for; Real Estate, Assets, Maintenance, Financial, Utilities, Project & Space Management, the organization can immediately see how disparate data sets can become relevant to one another. Because OneView is a “Capstone” platform, its intent is not to replace existing systems and processes, but rather augment the investments previously made into applications and training. This approach allows for a minimal footprint on staff, IT systems, and processes, while becoming a vital decision support tool to the organization.

As the program team begins to implement capital process improvement projects, renegotiates contracts, and/or makes operational modifications, the OneView monitors the changes taking place and extracts the relevant data from the affected system(s). For example, if an enterprise LED lighting retrofit gets implemented, the OneView will make visible the cost reduction out of the financial system general ledger account, the energy consumption reduction from sub meter devices and/or bill data so that ultimately the project can be validated and the cost savings can be extracted from the necessary budget. A measurement and validation protocol can now be assigned data points specific to each project. Without an enterprise performance management center that pulls data from the existing data sources, many organizations will make changes and have no way of operationalizing or validating changes – leading them back into their old inefficiencies.

The cost of the OneView platform can be amortized across the portfolio of projects, meaning that the initial cost becomes insignificant. This amortization also allows the organization to tie together specific systems and create reporting standards based on groupings of projects. At the completion of the program, the OneView platform should be fully-integrated into all facility centric and business support applications to become an on-going business intelligence and analytic reporting tool for the organization.

If a fully-integrated business intelligence platform is compelling, please feel free to reach me at 919-345-5820 or to schedule a 30 minute demonstration.



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