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Discover how Microsoft 365 helps organizations do more with less

Like many businesses, the CWE has built its digital workplace in the Microsoft 365 (MS365) environment. In fact, MS365 serves as the backbone to the virtual office that we function in on a daily basis, and we continue to expand it every day. We want to share some things that you can do in your own MS365 environment to increase team efficiency, visibility to key information, and collaboration.

If you stop to think about your team’s daily tasks that tend to be the most tedious and time consuming, you can likely identify some bottlenecks in your processes. We are willing to bet that many of these bottlenecks can be resolved using the tools that are provided by your MS365 subscription. We’re not just talking about Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams, etc. and we aren’t talking about out-of-the-box solutions either. Maybe you need a data room that streamlines the gathering of documents from clients that proceeds to send notifications to specific staff so they can begin processing. Maybe you need to automate tracking of employee tasks and the sending of approval requests upon task completion. How about a custom automated onboarding process for new employees?

MS365 and its host of applications can support a vast number of use-cases and drive real business value. Learn more about how MS365 can help your organization create savings of $1,500 per user per year, with a return on investment of 205 percent and a payback period of less than three months.


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