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Maximizing Team Success: The Global Head of CRE's Journey with Cognitive MeetingQuality

This is a tale of what could be, a future envisioned. Imagine if a market leader were to optimize the use of AI. And now, our story...

In the fast-paced world of corporate real estate, the Global Head of CRE at HP faces the challenge of optimizing hybrid workplaces to ensure maximum team success. Enter Cognitive Corp's MeetingQuality, a groundbreaking service designed to measure team success based on work location. This innovative tool supports both in-office and remote workers, providing valuable insights that help organizations understand where their teams thrive and how to create an efficient organizational culture. Join us on a captivating journey through the day in the life of the Global Head of CRE as they harness the power of MeetingQuality to elevate their team's performance.


As the Global Head of CRE at HP, our protagonist is responsible for creating and maintaining a workplace that fosters collaboration, productivity, and employee satisfaction. With the rise of remote work and the integration of digital technologies, striking the perfect balance between in-office and remote work has become a crucial objective. The Global Head of CRE understands that optimizing the hybrid workplace is key to their team's success.

Day in the Life: Harnessing the Power of MeetingQuality

Morning Planning

Our story begins as the Global Head of CRE starts their day with a cup of coffee, armed with MeetingQuality. They log into the platform and review the previous day's pulse surveys. These surveys provide real-time insights on team placement, allowing them to identify patterns and trends in team effectiveness based on work location. With this information at their fingertips, they can plan the day with confidence, ensuring the right balance of in-office and remote work for each team.

As they analyze the data, the Global Head of CRE notices that one team consistently performs better when working remotely. Armed with this knowledge, they decide to assign more remote work to that team, allowing them to operate in a way that maximizes their productivity and engagement. Additionally, they identify another team that struggles with remote work and decide to schedule more in-office collaboration sessions to help them thrive.

Optimizing Team Meetings

As the Global Head of CRE heads to the office, they use MeetingQuality to conduct pulse surveys during recurring team meetings. These surveys gauge the team's satisfaction, engagement, and overall effectiveness. By analyzing the survey results, they gain valuable insights into the impact of digital transformation on their teams and identify any potential risks of employee disconnect or burnout. Armed with this knowledge, they can make informed decisions to foster a productive and harmonious work environment.

During a team meeting, the pulse survey reveals that the team is experiencing lower engagement levels compared to previous meetings. The Global Head of CRE takes immediate action, recognizing the importance of addressing the issue promptly. They schedule a brainstorming session to discuss any challenges the team may be facing and implement solutions to boost engagement. Through open communication and collaboration, they successfully reinvigorate the team's energy and productivity.

Embracing Flexibility

After a productive morning in the office, our protagonist heads home to continue working remotely. Thanks to MeetingQuality, they have a clear understanding of which tasks and projects can be effectively accomplished outside the office. Leveraging the insights provided by the tool, they align their schedule accordingly, allowing team members to work from the location where they are most productive. This flexibility ensures that each team member can perform at their best, leading to increased overall team success.

One team member, who prefers to work remotely, has consistently shown exceptional performance. Recognizing this, the Global Head of CRE encourages the team member to continue working remotely and offers additional support to ensure they have the necessary resources and tools. As a result, the team member flourishes, delivering outstanding results and becoming a role model for remote productivity.

Analyzing Organizational Culture

MeetingQuality goes beyond measuring team success based on work location. It also offers the Global Head of CRE a unique perspective on the efficiency of the organizational culture. By analyzing the pulse survey data, they gain insights into how the company's culture impacts team dynamics and overall performance. Armed with this information, they can make data-driven decisions to improve the organizational culture, leading to increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

Upon analyzing the data, the Global Head of CRE realizes that the company's culture lacks transparency and open communication. They take immediate action by implementing regular town hall meetings and employee feedback sessions to address these issues. By fostering a culture of transparency and engagement, they witness a significant boost in team collaboration and overall employee satisfaction.


Throughout the day, the Global Head of CRE leverages the power of MeetingQuality to optimize the hybrid workplace, drive team success, and foster an efficient organizational culture. With real-time insights, this innovative tool empowers them to make data-driven decisions that benefit their teams, regardless of their work location. By utilizing MeetingQuality, the Global Head of CRE at HP takes their role to new heights, ensuring that their teams thrive in both in-office and remote settings. With MeetingQuality as their trusted companion, they unlock the full potential of their team, maximizing success and propelling the organization forward in the ever-evolving world of corporate real estate.


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