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The Impact of the Executive Order on AI: A New Era for Facility Management and CRE

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Cognitive Corp, a leading provider of AI solutions, is excited to align with the recent Executive Order on AI issued by the White House. This order emphasizes the importance of safety, security, responsible AI innovation, and the advancement of AI education and training. We believe that these principles will have a profound impact on the future of Facility Management and Corporate Real Estate (CRE).

Safety and Security of AI Systems: The Executive Order emphasizes the need for robust, reliable, and standardized evaluations of AI systems prior to their deployment. This is particularly relevant to Facility Management and CRE, where the safe and secure deployment of AI systems can enhance building security, optimize energy usage, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Responsible AI Innovation: The order promotes responsible innovation in AI, encouraging a competitive and collaborative environment. This aligns with our mission at Cognitive Corp to drive innovation in Facility Management and CRE, using AI to address challenges such as space optimization, predictive maintenance, and tenant satisfaction.

Investment in AI Education and Training: The order emphasizes the importance of equipping individuals with the necessary skills for the AI era. This is crucial in Facility Management and CRE, where the adoption of AI technologies requires a skilled workforce capable of leveraging these tools to drive efficiency and innovation.

Intellectual Property Protection: The order discusses tackling novel intellectual property questions to protect inventors and creators in the AI domain. This is particularly relevant in the context of Facility Management and CRE, where the development of proprietary AI solutions can provide a competitive edge.

Fair and Open AI Ecosystem: The order stresses on promoting a fair, open, and competitive ecosystem for AI and related technologies. This aligns with our vision at Cognitive Corp of an open and collaborative AI ecosystem in Facility Management and CRE, driving innovation and growth.

The Executive Order on AI presents a significant opportunity for Facility Management and CRE. By aligning with these principles, we at Cognitive Corp are committed to driving innovation, enhancing safety and security, and equipping our workforce with the necessary skills to harness the power of AI. We look forward to contributing to a future where AI serves the greater good in Facility Management and CRE.

Practical Guidance:

  1. Understand the AI Landscape: Familiarize yourself with the current AI technologies and how they can be applied in facility management and CRE. This includes understanding the safety and security aspects of AI systems, as well as the potential benefits they can bring to your operations.

  2. Invest in AI Education and Training: Equip your team with the necessary skills to harness the power of AI. This could involve organizing training sessions, workshops, or even partnering with organizations like Cognitive Corp for tailored training programs.

  3. Foster a Culture of Innovation: Encourage a culture that embraces AI and its potential. This could involve setting up innovation labs, organizing brainstorming sessions, or providing resources and time for employees to explore and experiment with AI technologies.

  4. Collaborate with AI Experts: Partner with AI solution providers like Cognitive Corp to leverage their expertise and solutions. This can help you navigate the AI landscape more effectively and ensure that you are using the most suitable and secure AI technologies for your needs.

  5. Implement AI Responsibly: Ensure that the implementation of AI technologies aligns with the principles of responsible AI use. This includes ensuring privacy and civil liberties protection, advancing equity and civil rights, and supporting the American workforce.


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