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CWE and Varisource Partner to Help Companies Reduce IT Expenses

Joint offering to help large enterprises optimize IT spend by up to 30 percent

RALEIGH, NC and ORLANDO, FLCollaborative Work Environment (CWE) and Varisource today announced the formation of a strategic partnership to help large, complex IT teams understand their spend categories and system utilization to drive process improvement and strategic cost-saving initiatives. Together, CWE and Varisource will take a data-driven approach to baseline a company’s current IT operations and collaborate with IT teams to deploy a tailored cost-optimization program.

CWE will incorporate Varisource’s industry-leading IT data insights platform into its technology stack to help companies optimize costs and gain visibility to effectively manage their technology expenses and to better procure essential systems through Varisource’s marketplace.

“Now more than ever, IT teams are navigating the challenges of resource constraints, remote and hybrid workforces, escalating costs and a quickly evolving technology landscape,” said Billy Waldrop, COO of CWE. “We aim to become the needed advisor to help our customers navigate the complexities of IT. Varisource’s success in the market is encouraging, and we look to leverage those use-cases in our customer base.”

CWE offers advisory services and technology solutions to deliver process automation, advanced analytics, and visualization of existing systems. Varisource’s ability to fully centralize and digitize technology spend, contracts, inventory, and supplier performance data into a single dashboard ensures unnecessary autorenewals and over charges.

“I see great synergy between CWE and Varisource,” said Victor Hou, Co-Founder and CEO of Varisource. “Our technology can help CWE customers significantly reduce their IT spend, which will help them achieve the efficiencies and cost reduction that CWE identifies as critical to their competitive position. CWE’s assessment and business case methodology fully complements our data insights and IT marketplace platform and services,” he added.

About Varisource

Varisource believes every company deserves to have the data insights of your own technology spend to have the control and leverage to make your technology investments and suppliers work for you. Varisource was started by a team of seasoned technology and data analysis veterans that believe the way to give companies the total data insights and generate savings and value is to offer entire technology 360-degree process of helping customers centralize the data, benchmark against market, evaluate supplier performance, provide proactive insights into contract expirations and terms, then offer the world’s largest technology sourcing marketplace to give customer pricing leverage.

For more information, visit or contact Victor Hou,, (703) 725-0672.

About CWE

CWE is a software and technology advisory firm focused on improving business by enabling collaboration of teams, systems, and data. This is achieved by combining proven technologies, analytics expertise, and a proven process to Define, Design, and Deliver solutions. Whether it is virtual collaboration, data management, advanced analytics, or cost optimization, our process enables our team to quickly baseline current state, design a solution which justifies value, and deliver based on a business case for change. At CWE we are passionate about helping organizations with their toughest digitization challenges.

For more information, visit or contact Chris Beall,, (919) 345-5820


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