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IT PM for Workplace Fitout

Reduce cost of change orders by as much as 75% and first cost construction savings up to 20% while keeping your IT Infrastructure teams focused on what they do best! 

Workplace Strategy 

"Cognitive is one of the only solutions I've seen that's capable of quantifying how effective a hybrid work environment is across locations, teams, projects, and individuals. With real-time feedback, organizations get detailed insights into employee well-being, productivity, and sustainability, thus driving talent retention, acquisition, and profitability long-term."

Reid Hiatt - Co-Founder & CEO


Integrated Facility Management

Save between $300K and $700K every year in administrative costs on your CRE/FM service provider outsourcing contract. This savings doesn’t include the annual operational savings which is usually in the millions of dollars. 

Delivered in Partnership with Verum Consulting

Net Zero PMO Optimization 

Our unique research into sustainable technologies, metrics, change management and PMO optimization can accelerate Net Zero initatives by as much as 25%.


Real Impact...

We measure each engagement and related outcome - it's our no BS policy!

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Partner for Workplace Projects

Only 70% of the capital expenditure for workplace projects is captured in the typical AE process. That missing 30% is the most critical to your business success - We manage it all from AE engagement through commissioning!

"We are beyond pleased with this work. During the process, we had every obstacle thrown our way with the most unbelievable and quite frankly, impossible deadline. During the process, I dubbed our PM the “velvet hammer”. He steered this excruciating process to the finish when none of us thought it was possible. I have worked with dozens of project managers in my career and I can honestly say that he was the best by far. ” — Michael F. Sheahan Jr., Former President

PMO Optimization 
Team Coaching

  • 72% of leadership teams feel even more connected to their project teams.

  • 94% indicated that their motivation and connectivity to projects increased.

  • 85% increased capacity to manage conflict, speak directly, and stay centered on project outcomes.

"A transformational impact... our coach has a sincere heart driven desire to mentor and serve others. This has elevated and propelled individuals and the organization to rise to their potential  ” — Pamela Norton
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